Manufacture of tower clocks

A wide range to match your architectural heritage

For more than 150 years, Bodet Campanaire has manufactured thousands of tower clocks and dials for churches, cathedrals, stations, airports, town halls, castles and many other sites. A variety of shapes, materials, styles and sizes: our clocks are made to measure.


manufacturing a clock

Why a tower clock?

Aesthetic and adapted to the architectural style of your buildings, our clocks and dials bring an additional identity to your architectural heritage.

Large in dimension (from 50cm to several metres), they can be seen and read from far and wide, offering distinction to your architectural heritage.

Our dials contain clock movements that are completely watertight, ensuring completely reliable timekeeping accuracy.

visual identity
A visual identity
aesthetic dial
work of art
A work of art
useful and practical
Useful and practical
bespoke dial
Entirely customisable

Dials and Clocks: on which buildings?

Since 1868, Bodet Campanaire has equipped numerous buildings:

town hall
Town Hall
shopping centre

Our clocks and dials are suitable for use outdoors and indoors.

enamel dial

The enamel dial

Enamel is a noble, very hard-wearing material that gives you freedom of creativity. From 1 to 4 colours, different styles are possible. You can also add a logo, writing or an inscription.

Manufactured using an enamelling process consisting of depositing a vitreous layer, usually coloured, of silica and metal oxides on a steel base. After firing, this treatment is very long-lasting (more than 50 years).

Our advice

Enamel dials, often with a white background and black numerals, are recommended for all listed buildings.

A steel enamelled dial has several advantages:

  • - Impact resistant
  • - Weather resistant
  • - UV resistant
  • - Anti-graffiti
  • - Inflammable
  • - Inalterable
backlit dial

The backlit dial

The technology, aesthetic and modernity of this dial will add value to your buildings.

It is fitted with high-power, economical LED lighting. The lifespan of LEDs is around 10 years (8 hours/day). The numerals and hands light up at night to make them easier to read.

Technological feature of the Bodet backlit dial:

  • - During the day, the background of the dial is white and the numerals are black.
  • - At night, this is reversed: the background is black and the numerals light up.
acrylic glass dial

Acrylic Glass Dial

Acrylic glass clocks and dials offer a good compromise between quality and aesthetic. Light, robust, colourful and modern, this affordable product strengthens the identity of your monuments.

Acrylic glass dials are available backlit to ensure night time visibility of the timepiece.

skeleton dial

Skeleton Dial

With or without a frame, the numerals are made of steel or aluminium.

Aluminium is a light, robust and corrosion-resistant material. It is produced by applying successive layers of paint.

Clocks and dials Made in Bodet

Your clocks and dials are designed by our design office and produced in our workshops. Our teams can support you in designing and creating your bespoke clocks and dials.

design office
Design Office

See our Bodet Campanaire dial references on Pinterest

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