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A suitable belfry for a secure bell tower

Since 1868, Bodet Campanaire has installed thousands of belfries. Each project or restoration is fully tailor-made to your bells (number of bells, movements, weights), to ensure your bell tower lasts. Every day, our goal is always the same: to respect bell craftsmanship and safeguard your architectural heritage.



What is a belfry?

A belfry is a wooden structure usually made of oak, which sits inside the bell chamber and supports the bells.

In principle, a belfry has no connection to the structure of the bell tower. It must be completely independent and flexible to absorb the vibrations caused by the swinging bells and ensure a long-lasting bell tower.

Characteristics of a Belfry

Characteristics of a Belfry

  • - Oak is highly resistant to damp environments and is also a very dense wood.
  • - The trapezoidal shape of the belfry ensures the stability of the whole structure.
  • - Traditional tenon and mortise assembly, with acacia braces and pegs to enable the assemblies to be tightened.
  • - The back of each mortise is drilled to allow the evacuation of water which could cause the wood to rot.
  • - The belfry sits, without flanges, by bracing on the two supporting beams. It is calculated to remain stable on its supports even when the bells are swinging.
belfry technical drawing

A bespoke belfry for each bell tower

Bespoke manufacture means each bell can be placed according to the dimensions of the chamber and the position of the windows, to optimise the diffusion of sound outside the building.


Our experts verify the structural integrity of your belfry.


Our design office adapts to all bell towers.

Manufacture or Restoration

These steps are completed in our workshops or on site.


Our technicians are experts in installing belfries in your bell tower.


Our technicians monitor and maintain your installations.

Characteristics of a Belfry

A quality belfry

Restoriation on site

Preserve the authenticity of the structure by replacing only the damaged timbers. The architectural heritage is safeguarded, particularly for listed buildings.
Minimum lifespan: 50 years*


When restoration is no longer possible, we manufacture new bespoke belfries in our workshops.
Minimum lifespan: 100 years*

Respecting bell craftsmanship

A bespoke belfry is built according to the constraints of your bell tower. It is fully adapted to the specific characteristics of the site (number of bells, width, height, etc.). We use mainly oak, a noble wood, to respect and give value to your architectural heritage. Oak is a very solid wood over time. It is an ecological material with highly advantageous mechanical properties, such as high resistance to damp environments and high density.

* subject to the frame not being exposed to water ingress, bad weather or birds

Our woodworking workshops

Bell Restoration workshop
Bell Restoration bell manufacture


Groupe Bodet - for 150 years

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National presence
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Made in France

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