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Inspecting Bell Tower Installations

Monitoring and maintenance to keep your bell tower working for longer

Since 1868, Bodet Campanaire has worked to install and maintain clock and bell equipment. Daily use of bells and clocks requires careful and complete monitoring of the installation. Our teams keep your bell tower running smoothly.


safeguarding bell and clock installations

Safeguarding bell and clock installations

Bodet Campanaire is specialised in all your bell and clock equipment.
Bells, clocks, dials; all the components that mark the historical and architectural heritage of your town.

Over time, your clock and bell installations suffer irreversible damage:

  • - cracked bells
  • - damaged and weakened belfries
  • - damaged louvres
  • - hazardous access

It is therefore essential to verify and secure the bell tower.


Specific areas to check in a bell tower

Inspecting Bell Tower Installations

The Belfry

Construction or restoration of a belfry requires an in-depth inspection of the location, the bells and the dynamic forces that the belfry will have to withstand.
A badly designed or constructed belfry endangers the building’s masonry and a bell specialist will need to be called.

Bell Automation

Non-compliant installations may expose maintenance personnel to fire hazards and/or the risk of electrocution.
Churches are classified as public buildings (ERP in France) and are therefore subject to the electrical standard NF C15-100.
This standard specifies the obligations regarding the protection of electrical installations and must be complied with.


Louvres in bad condition or improperly maintained can lead to a risk of slats falling on passers-by or celebrants.
They can seriously compromise the installation and require significant restoration, or even shut the installation down completely.

Access Safety

Article L4221-1: Establishments and premises must be designed so that workers' safety is guaranteed.
The local council is responsible for people working in the tower, including council technicians and external companies (carpenters, electricians).



Groupe Bodet - for 150 years

150 years of expertise

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National presence
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Made in France

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