Bodet Campanaire - Preserve your heritage

Preserve your heritage

Let’s preserve your heritage together

As french campanists and manufacturers since 1868, Bodet Campanaire has acquired unrivalled know-how in restoring of bells and bell-tower equipment : belfries, headstocks, louvres… and tower clocks

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Bodet Campanaire restores and automates bells

Restoration and automation

Breathe new life into your bells and add rhythm to your towns and cities.

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Bodet Campanaire restores and makes dials


Manufacturing and restoration of building dials: Churches, town halls, train stations, airports, restaurants. Mechanical clock restoration.

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Bodet Campanaire and artisanal woodworking


Artisanal manufacturing and restoration: belfries, abat-sons, yokes.

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Bodet Campanaire lightning rods and conductors

Lightning protection

Installation of lightning rods and conductors to protect your heritage.

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Bodet Campanaire services


Our expert teams maintain your buildings: Audits and maintenance contracts.

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Bodet Campanaire secures your bell towers


Secure access to your bell tower: Horizontal and vertical lifelines, ladders, floors.

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Over 1,500 bells restored

Over 1,500 bells restored

Since 1991, Bodet Campanaire has a unique expertise in France : restoration by welding. This know-how enables us to restore cracked, damaged or broken bells, giving them a new life so that they can regain their original sound.

Preserving the historical and sentimental value of bells is one of Bodet Campanaire's priorities.

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Tower clocks configurator

Imagine, design, personalize…

Bodet Campanaire is also about custom-made : compose your building tower clock easily on our online configurator. Enamel dials, luminous/backlit dials, skeleton dials, acrylic glass dials, but also a choice of frames, markings, numerals and hands, everything is possible.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to help you with a specific project. We would be happy to help (logo, lettering, material, design, etc.)

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Bell tower equipment

Which equipment for your bell tower ?

Bodet Campanaire works on your bells and everything around them. Restoration and automation of bells, belfries, yokes, abat-sons, access security. Since each bell tower is unique, we advise you and find the right solutions for your projects.

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Building monitoring and protection

How can you protect and sustain your buildings ?

Bodet Campanaire installs lightning rods and conductors for their protections. All our lightning protection systems comply with current standards.

Every day, our expert teams monitor and maintain your heritage: Audits and maintenance contracts.

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From design to maintenance: Made In Bodet

Bodet maintains installations whilst respecting heritage, traditions, quality of service, deadlines, and security standards.

Our bell experts can intervene at any part of the process to guarantee quality products manufactured in our Trémentines (France) workshops.

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