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Bell automation

Setting the pace of life in our towns and villages!

Since 1868, Bodet Campanaire has electrified thousands of bells. We operate a complete, safe solution, perfectly suited to the configuration of your bell. Program and manage your installation easily, to enjoy the melodious sound of your bells!


bell automation

A custom service to restore your bell tower

As each bell tower is unique, our teams adapt to the configuration of each bell tower and its environment while respecting bell craftsmanship.


Our design office adapts to all bell towers.


Products manufactured in our workshops in Trémentines.


Our technicians are specialised in bell tower equipment.


Our technicians are available to maintain and inspect your buildings.

bell automation

Program your bell ringing

It's never been easier to control your bells. Opus controls and manages your bells automatically. No more need to ring your bells by rope or even be present to start them ringing.

Each ring can be configured and programmed.

Use Opus to:

  • - Configure according to your needs
  • - Manage bells and clocks
  • - Automatically ring religious ceremonies
  • - Synchronise time perfectly with a radio antenna

A complete solution

ringing motor

The electronic ringing motor

  • - adjusted accurately to the bell amplitude to ensure a uniform ring and avoid damaging the bell.
  • - low energy consumption.
  • - sealed against water and dust and treated against corrosion.
  • - adapts to various bell weights.
automation chime motor

Chime motor

  • - used to chime the hours, the angelus, the funeral toll, alarm or carillons for large bells up to 5,000 kg.
  • - more powerful than an electronic chime.
  • - sealed against water and dust and treated against corrosion.
electronic chime automation

Electronic chime

  • - used to play carillons or chime hours thanks to a very short reponse time.
  • - accurate adjustment of the striking point on the bell with a mild steel clapper, protecting the bell and yielding a better sound.
  • - for mounting inside or outside the bell.
  • - sealed against water and dust and treated against corrosion.
  • - adapted to various bell weights.


electrical motor automation

Electrical safety cabinet

  • - centralises all electrical connections and includes the necessary protections for each component (motors, electronic chimes, clock timers, lighting) in compliance with standard NF C 15-100.
  • - used to communicate between the Opus control unit and the safety cabinet, wired or wireless.
  • - sealed (IP55) and fitted with an emergency stop and keyed lock.
Communicate with bell sounds

The bell: a musical instrument

Bell automation can:

  • - set the pace of life in your towns and villages
  • - preserve the authenticity of your historical heritage
  • - share a melodious and harmonious sound
  • - mark important events

The Opus carillon includes:

ring tones
ring tones
funeral toll
funeral toll

If your installations have three or more bells, we suggest the midi keyboard, used to:

  • - manage up to 64 bells
  • - program new melodies

bell automation midi keyboard

bell installation

Guaranteed bell installation

Bodet Campanaire guarantees all its products for two years.
All products are manufactured in our workshops: 100% made in France, 100% made in Bodet.
Tested and installed by us to offer you quality equipment.
All our products meet current standards, including the electrical standard NF C15-100.

Our bell experts offer annual servicing contracts to ensure the safety and correct operation of bell installations and prevent:

risks of fire
Risks of fire
Electrocution of maintenance personnel
Damage to the bell or bell tower structure


Groupe Bodet - for 150 years

150 years of expertise

National presence

National presence
and regional proximity

Respecting Architectural Heritage

Quality and Respect
for Heritage



Made in France

Made in France

ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

ISO Certified

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