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The assurance of protected and preserved architectural heritage

Most bell towers in France are fitted with louvres to preserve the condition of the bell tower. Usually made of oak, they are designed to meet the constraints of the building. Fully customised in our workshops, they are essential for maintaining a lasting architectural heritage.



Effective protection

Louvres are a set of downward facing slats fitted to bell towers.

Their primary function is to protect the installation from water infiltration during bad weather, considerably increasing the lifespan of the belfry frame and its mechanical equipment.

Also known as abat-son (in French literally drop-sound), they must not muffle the sound, but let through as much as possible.

Louvres manufactured in France in the Bodet workshops

All the louvres are manufactured in our workshops, mainly from oak wood. Our carpenters can make an exact copy of your damaged or worn louvres to preserve your historical heritage.

Other woods can be used depending on the specific nature of the site.

Louvres manufactured in France
composition of a Bodet louvre

Composition of a Bodet louvre

  • - According to tradition, it is made of oak. The slats are fitted to an oak frame, cut with grooves angled downwards 30°, for effective protection against bad weather.
  • - This frame is then attached to the bell tower windows.
  • - Usually, the upper part of a bell tower is tapered. It is covered by a round wooden arch made using a template to match the shape of the building.
  • - Several treatments are available: primer and wood stain, lime, carbonyl or primer and paint.

Respecting Bell Craftsmanship

Louvres are manufactured to order according to the constraints of your bell tower, to match the curved openings of the bell tower.

We mainly use oak, a noble wood, to respect and give value to your architectural heritage.

Oak is a very solid wood, robust over time. It is an ecological material with highly beneficial mechanical characteristics such as high resistance to damp environments and high density.

Protection against birds

Protections against birds

Bodet Campanaire proposes galvanised steel mesh and nets to prevent birds from entering the bell tower. Birds, mainly pigeons, enter bell towers through the embrasures or windows.
Dead birds and droppings rapidly collect in the installation and the acidity of the droppings damages floors and accessories.

An incorrectly or badly maintained bell tower will look abandoned after less than six months.


Groupe Bodet - for 150 years

150 years of expertise

National presence

National presence
and regional proximity

Respecting Architectural Heritage

Quality and Respect
for Heritage



Made in France

Made in France

ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

ISO Certified

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