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The Survey: A complete, in-depth assessment

Careful inspection by our design office of your clock and bell installation

Our bell and clock experts offer an economical, preventive service to give you information on the exact condition of your bell tower. Each piece of equipment is studied. We advise you on the best solutions so you can prioritise any work that needs to be done.


What is a survey?

The survey is a professional examination: an in-depth investigation of the condition of your installation, bells and accessories. The investigation is conducted in full to enable you to understand and take any measures needed to correct any disorders or malfunctions, classified according to their level of urgency.

1 ) Security of your installation
2 ) Durability of your installation
3 ) Respect for state-of-the-art bell craftsmanship

Our regional project manager will help you develop your own project by analysing the necessity of each item according to its level of urgency.
This partnership between Bodet Campanaire and its customers is designed to find the most suitable and most economical solutions for performing the necessary work.

1 complete study
A3, A4 printed editions
360° photo
1 presentation
Understand your architectural heritage

The survey will help you prioritise the work. It's an essential tool for understanding and decision-making.

Why conduct a survey?

Surveys are not systematically conducted following an incident.
Issues are often identified, such as:

  • Access safety
  • Ringing malfunction
  • Damaged masonry

Our customers also call on us as a precaution, to obtain a diagnosis of the current situation. It gives local councils an overview of the work to be done in the future to help them plan better.

Why conduct a survey?
Survey composition

What does a Survey consist of?

A survey examines all the bell tower components one by one:

The bell tower (stairs, floor, lightning conductor, etc.)

The belfry (masonry, belfy condition)

Electrical and mechanical components

The bells (each bell is analysed)

Everything is examined and analysed by our bell expert to give you all the information you need about your bell tower.

Call for tender

Use our surveys to draw up a call for tenders

We regularly conduct surveys for local authorities ahead of a call for tenders.
This gives you all the information needed to define the lots and the work required. Our bell experts travel to the site to conduct surveys.


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