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Bell Restoration

A process unique in France to preserve the history of your bell

Since 1991, Bodet Campanaire has welded more than 1,500 bells. With know-how unique in France and a restoration process by welding, Bodet Campanaire is devoted to safeguarding your architectural heritage. Together, let’s preserve the history and authenticity of your bells.


restoring a bell

How to restore a bell

The process involves welding with refill. Chipped, cracked and damaged areas are restored by adding material.

Our patented process for restoring ancient bells preserves the existing bell and gives it a second life. The ring of the bell is restored so that it is identical to the original. Welding the bell avoids the need for recasting and preserves the function and aesthetic of old or listed bells.

Stages in bell restoration

the bell is a musical instrument

Musical instrument and work of art


Restoring a bell brings back its original ring. A cast bell usually emits 5 tuned notes when rung: the hum, the strike, the tierce, the quint and the nominal.

Before / After each restoration, a survey of the bell’s notes is carried out to ensure correct tuning.

Bodet Campanaire offers a suitable musical repertoire depending on the number of bells and each of their notes.

The bell: a work of art

A bell is both a musical instrument and a work of art. Most bells are decorated:

  • - with ornaments
  • - with inscriptions tracing the memory of its originators, such as the name of the foundry, the mayor, the patrons and the date it was first used
  • - with inscriptions tracing the history of the town or village
several crafts for restoring a bell

Several crafts for complete expertise


Our bell technicians have great experience in various bell removal techniques.

Dye penetrant inspection

We determine the extent of the damage and the degree of wear on the bell.


The bell is restored using an exclusive patented welding process.


Our bell technicians are expert in replacing the bells in your buildings.


Our technicians are available to maintain and inspect your bells.

bell restoration

Preserving authenticity

Restoring a bell means:

  • - Giving worn, cracked or damaged bells a second life
  • - Restoring their original sound
  • - Preserving their historical and sentimental value
  • - Securing the installation

The best service for each of your needs

Restauration de cloches


Restoration or replacement of worn or broken parts
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Restoration by material refill
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Restoration by material refill
More information

Crown staple

crown staple
Restoration or replacement of the attachment
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Restoration of the inscriptions
More information


Restoration by material refill


Restoration by material refill
More information

Striking points

Bell loop
Restoration by material refill
More information

Restoring a bell: before / after

wear on a bell

How does a bell wear?

Bells are subject to a number of stresses

Wear can have different causes such as:

  • - cumulative effect of years of ringing, wearing out the striking points.
  • - casting defects and cracking of the core leading to splitting of the crown.
  • - improperly tightened stays wearing out the canons.
  • - ringing mechanisms resulting in too much amplitude and weakening the structure.
  • - hard steel clapper worn out or incorrectly sized, causing cracks.
Bodet Craftsmanship

Bodet Campanaire: Renowned know-how

Bodet Campanaire guarantees a successful restoration. Our welders work on bells of all sizes every day. To date, Bodet Campanaire has performed more than 1,500 welds on bells.

Economical restoration
Avoid recasting a bell
guaranteed for life
All restorations carried out in our workshops are guaranteed for life
historical conservation
Preserve the history of your town
restoring a bell: the event

Bell Restoration: Immortalise the event

To promote this rare and exceptional event in the history of your town or village, we offer various activities and solutions for sharing this event with the residents.

Bodet Campanaire at your side: before, during and after the event.


Groupe Bodet - for 150 years

150 years of expertise

National presence

National presence
and regional proximity

Respecting Architectural Heritage

Quality and Respect
for Heritage



Made in France

Made in France

ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

ISO Certified

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