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Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA)

Ensuring adequate protection

As each site is unique, our design office conducts in-depth surveys of your building and its environment, taking into account neighbouring buildings, the height of your building and its geographical location. All our solutions are subject to current regulations and always aim to preserve the aesthetic significance of your architectural heritage. Preserving architectural heritage means protecting it.


Lightning Risk Assessment

Lightning Risk Assessment

The lightning risk assessment is based on an evaluation of the risk of damage that may be caused to property and the public as a result of a lightning strike. It is conducted in accordance with NF EN 62305-2 “Lightning Protection - Part 2 Risk Assessment”.

The purpose of the lightning risk assessment is to accurately define the property to be protected and the necessary levels of protection for the installations and the technical study.

Depending on the building and its environment, the type of capture device is designed to ensure a sufficient radius of protection.

Critical components for a religious building or castle:

  • - Listed building Classified M.H (Historical Monument)
  • - Overlooking, isolated site, in a mountainous area
  • - Building of large dimensions or great height
  • - Area of high lightning density
  • - Wood framed spire
  • - Presence of a radioactive peak


Prevent damage and deterioration

Our compliant lightning protection installations prevent a range of risks:

  • - Fire
  • - Partial destruction of masonry
  • - Melting of electrical installation
  • - Destruction of architectural heritage
  • - Destruction of electrical equipment
lightning protection installations
Lightning Risk Assessment

Technical study prior to installation of a lightning rod and surge arrester

We draw up detailed technical files for external protection installations (lightning rod and accessories) and for indoor equipment (surge arrester: Type I and Type II) according to current standards NF C 17 102, NF EN 62305-3 and NF EN 62305-4.

Our technical study includes:

  • - Analysis of lightning risk according to site parameters and local lightning risks (Average annual number of hits)
  • - Definition of the required level of protection
  • - Description of the site
  • - Arrangement of surge arrester, lightning rod components

Our teams adapt each installation to the building concerned, to respect and provide maximum protection for your architectural heritage.

We offer a product catalogue with a wide range of references: accessories, attachments, E.S.E., etc. to ensure the best integration according to the site configuration.

3D visual and technical study

Each study includes visuals showing the radius of protection used to define the most suitable solution for your need.

Qualifoudre certification

Simulation of two radii of protection from a lightning rod installed on a tower.


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