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Together, let’s preserve your heritage

As 100%-French campanist and manufacturer since 1868, Bodet has acquired unrivalled expertise in restoring bell-tower equipment (belfries, yokes, louvres , etc.), making, building clocks, restoring and electrifying bells.


The programming of bells

How to optimise the programming of bells?

Thanks to our control units, you can program and control the ringing of bells with simplicity and security!

The OPUS allows you to:

  • Configure bells ringing according to your needs
  • Manage bells and clocks
  • Automatically ring religious ceremonies
  • Synchronise time perfectly with a radio antenna


Standard dial or bespoke dial?

Standard dial or bespoke dial?

Bodet Campanaire offers you a wide range of building dials: styles, materials, colors, hands, etc...

Adapted to the architecture of your building (churches, town halls, stations, airports, restaurants, etc.) and to your needs, the dial really does provide an additional visual identity.

All our building dials are designed by our design office and manufactured in our workshop in Trémentines (49). 100% Made in France.

DISCOVER OUR TOWER CLOCKSCreate my tower clock dial

Choose Bodet Campanaire's products

Why choose our products?

Bodet’s bell and clock craftsmanship boasts over 150 years of experience.

Our products are 100% Made in France and Made in Bodet: in our own workshops based in Trémentines (Maine-et-Loire, France) and offer exemplary quality and safety. Thanks to its controlled manufacturing process, Bodet Campanaire ensures the constant quality of its products.

Over the years, Bodet Campanaire has found solutions to the various needs of towns and villages.