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Automatic bell ringing systems

In the field of tower clocks and automatic bell ringing systems, Bodet are world leaders. We offer comprehensive solutions including master clock units, electric hammers, clock movements and customised dials.


Control panel

  • The control panel is specially designed for church bells and to control chimes either manually or automatically.
  • Radio-synchronised with GPS, it controls lighting and heating as well as clock faces and bells with absolute time accuracy.
  • It also provides control dials buildings.



Peal motor

  • The electronic peal motor uses electronics to restore the quality of manual bell ringing. Each peal motor is fitted with a microprocessor that permanently controls the bell's movements in its start, swinging and braking phases.
  • It enables the bells to sway accurately regardless of the temperature or level of dampness. The degree of swaying is controlled accurately to guarantee consistent striking by the clapper and to protect the bell.
  • It preserves the belfry and the bell tower: the pulley has a safety system that prevents the bell going out of sequence or rising in amplitude. This means that the efforts applied to the belfry and the masonry are perfectly controlled.



Electromagnetic hammers

  • The electromagnetic hammer and electromagnetic hammer for carillon are used to produce bell tones for the time, angelus and knell for bells and chimes.
  • The electric hammer is used to produce the same sounds as large bells.
  • The chiming sound is controlled either by the clock for ringing the time or manually from the bell control panel (OPUS).



Control unit for bells and carillon

  • Installed in the bell tower, the control unit centralises all the electrical connections and includes the protection of all the elements (motors, timing systems, lighting, etc.) in conformity with the NF C15-100 electrical French norm.
  • It is controlled by an Opus master clock via a wired link or an HF radio link.
  • It disconnects all electrical power to the bell tower except for the bells themselves. This provides maximum safety.



Electric timers

  • Their robust construction (ideal for outdoor installation) allow them to adapt to various thicknesses of walls.
  • They are designed to equip dials 0.5 to 7 meters in diameter with outdoor hand.
  • The time adjustment is automatic.


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