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Bell restoration


Give a new life to your bells

Restoring old bells by welding enables existing bells to be conserved. The process which has been developed and patented by Bodet gives new life to worn-out, cracked or damaged bells: the bells retain their original ringing sound and have excellent mechanical resistance.


Types of work carried out

  • Striking point refill: over time metal becomes hollow and thinner; the bell becomes fragile and loses its resonance; there is a risk it will crack or break. Refilling the striking points gives the bell back its original profile.
  • Restoring worn-out or cracked handles: bells that have worn-out or cracked handles may fall. Welding them enables them to ring again in complete safety. If the handles have been lost we can cast new ones then weld them to the bell.
  • Restoring the bow attachment and replacing the bow: replacement of the bow without drilling into the crown of the bell, and securing it by welding.
  • Restoring cracks or missing sections: gives the bell back its original sound and tone; the bell can ring out again in complete safety.
  • Crown welding or refill: a bell whose crown/head piece has been damaged may cause the skirt to crack and the bell to fall. Welding them enables them to ring out again in complete safety.
  • Repairing inscriptions: restoration of worn inscriptions on the bell to give it back its full meaning.
  • Soft brush finishing after restoration: enables part of the bronze patina to be conserved.
1-Crack 2-Furnace 3-Welding 4-Restoring-crack 5-Reparing-inscriptions 6-Brushing 7-Final-restauration







Restoration crack


Reparing inscriptions




Final restauration


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